09 April 2019

Ep. 90: Das Rheingold

The OAD team embarks on Wagner’s epic opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen, AKA the Ring Cycle. Of course, we must start with the first of the four operas: Das Rheingold. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into Wagner’s mythological world inspired by Norse mythology.
26 March 2019

Ep. 88: The Barrie Kosky Experience

Today’s opera directors are constantly finding ways to reinvent new productions of operas within the repertory, sometimes in strange and eye-catching ways. It can be argued that nobody reimagines opera quite like Australian director, Barrie Kosky, who is known for his provocative production concepts. OAD host, Kyle Homewood, got to witness this process firsthand, and... Read More
03 December 2018

Ep. 75: Suor Angelica

Following a day in the life of a 17th-century convent, Suor Angelica is the second (and most boring) opera in Puccini’s Il Trittico. In all seriousness, the opera’s all-female cast features some gorgeous music and a heartbreaking story of loss. It’s title role has also become a calling card for many great sopranos.
19 November 2018

Ep. 74: Il Tabarro

Just before the 100th anniversary of its premiere performance at the Metropolitan Opera, we dive into Puccini’s Il Trittico, a trilogy of one-act operas. This week we discuss the first and probably most intense of the trio, Il Tabarro (The Cloak). The episode also features a shoutout to one of our fans who requested the... Read More
05 November 2018

Ep. 72: Rusalka

We’re excited to geek out over this beautiful Czech opera! Those of you that know The Little Mermaid are familiar with this story. Mermaid, Prince, Sea Witch – all of the pieces are there. However, we like this music better than Disney’s. Yeah, we said it. Antonin Dvorak’s only entry into today’s opera canon sure... Read More
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