Badass Women

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Ep. 37: Barbara Strozzi

Today we introduce you to another badass lady of the classical canon: Barbara Strozzi! Incredibly prolific composer (much more prolific than most of her male... Read More
October 2017
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The Story of Gertrude

Polymath. Pope Approved Female Composer. Star of Flipping Convents with Hildy. If you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about the one and only Hildegard von Bingen,... Read More
February 2017

Difficult Divas

Wig ripping cat fights that ended an entire opera season. Murder threats. Gambling addictions. Illicit affairs. All that and more in this week’s episode about... Read More
January 2017

La Maupin!

Welcome back, everyone! To start 2017 off right, we’re going to be exploring some of the badass women who made classical music their profession. To... Read More
January 2017
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