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13 January 2017

La Maupin!

Welcome back, everyone! To start 2017 off right, we’re going to be exploring some of the badass women who made classical music their profession.

To start the series, let us introduce to Julie d’Aubigny, known as La Maupin:

dude, she is not interested in your shenanigans

Sure, she made opera singing her profession. But she also was a 17th century pants wearing fencing expert who like to duel, drink, and seduce men and women across France.

Nuns, apparently, get into all kinds of stuff behind convent doors.

I mean, it takes a true badass to seduce a businessman’s daughter and then follow and shack up with her in the convent.

Check out this week’s episode for more adventures of La Maupin. Did we mention that she also murdered a bunch of people and was then pardoned by Louis XIV, who said that the law only applies to men…doesn’t say anything about women. Bad. Ass.

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