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30 September 2016


Genius. Flute player. Appreciator of Shakespeare and Virgil. Terrible pianist. Psychopath attempted murderer. Just some of the phrases that best describe composer Hector Berlioz. It goes without saying that his influence helped further the development of Romanticism in composers like Wagner and Strauss.

But did you know that he also concocted a plan to murder his ex-fiancée, her mother, and her new husband? Did you know that this plot involved guns, poison, and some cross-dressing? Did you also know that he threatened to commit suicide if another young lady, who didn’t even speak the same language as he did, refused to marry him?

You think we’re kidding. Go and read his memoirs. We’ll wait.

Right? The man was BONKERS. If you were a woman who Berlioz developed an obsession with, my only response to you is this:

In the final episode of “The Men Behind the Music Series,” join us as we delve deeper into the mind of Berlioz (God help us all). This episode took a lot of alcohol to get through, so prepare yourself.

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