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03 March 2017

The Prince of Darkness

In Episode 21, Kyle’s dream are at last coming true, and we are FINALLY talking about a murderer, who also happened to be a super successful 16th century composer.

That’s right! Carol Gesualdo is our topic this week…and he did, shall we say, a really really bad thing.

nothing to see here, folks

Nothing to see here, folks…

Murder. Intrigue. Paranoia. Vampires. Contrapuntal Harmonies. This episode has it all. Also, listen to Kyle and Elspeth get into a huge fight over whether the principality of Venosa was a real place (IT WAS), and hear how we desecrate a Dean Martin classic. Enjoy!

THAT'S AMORE!!!!!!!!

THAT’S AMORE!!!!!!!!


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