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Ep. 61: Synesthesia

Think colors are simply something that can be seen? Today’s episode features our friend, Lauren Miller, who is part of a special group of people... Read More
April 2018

Ep. 60: Lully

In today’s episode, we talk about the father of French opera, Jean-Baptiste Lully. This non-French dude had quite the scandalous life is very much responsible... Read More
March 2018

Ep. 58: Michael Kelly

Which classical music figure connects Mozart, King George III, and Jane Austen? In today’s episode we learn about tenor and friend of Mozart, Michael Kelly.... Read More
March 2018

Ep. 55: Tosca

Jealousy, lust, imprisonment, torture, fugitives, murder, mayhem , and epic love – TOSCA has got it ALL! The music is awesome – and we’ll tell... Read More
February 2018
Ep. 97: The summer that was, and the year ahead // Opera After Dark
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